Oh, Hello!


who are we?

The Student Design Association represents current undergraduate students and alumni of the University of Alberta, who have taken design courses during their degree. We actively work to stimulate community involvement, create partnerships with other organizations, and host events for students and staff, with the goal of providing the support and opportunities necessary to help design students find success.


Andrés Palomino


I'm looking forward to next academic term! we will have a bunch of our most loved fellow designers leaving the program and some new baby designers entering Fundamentals and 300-level!

As Director I am making it my goal to explore new possibilities in terms of student inclusion and refurbishing our reputation within the city of Edmonton! I am excited to work with the amazing lineup of fellow SDAers coming up. My hope is to bolster an experimental year in event programming and fundraising to update the SDA and prepare it for the future!


Mickey LaForge


Hi there! My name is Mickey (like the mouse) and I'm in my 2nd year ID engineering route. I am running for Treasurer because I have had some experience with the financials of various non-profits and other personal projects and I would love the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role. I'm quite organized, know my way around an excel spreadsheet, and can even do long division. My mom says I'm cool too, so I think that counts for something.


Tess Heinricks 


Hey there! I am currently a fourth year design student at the University of Alberta, focusing on visual communication design with an emphasis on print and digital media. I enjoy designing in a way that mediates information with intrigue. Utilizing illustration, branding, layout, typography, and photography to provide dynamic solutions. I am passionate about design’s ability to positively affect and connect communities, specifically its capacity to facilitate dialogue in an accessible way!


Rebecca Lai 


Hey y'all! My name is Rebecca but you can call me Reb, Beccles or Becca and I'm currently in my 3rd year of VCD. I eat, sleep and breathe design; it's my life. If elected Membership Coordinator, I will welcome everyone with open arms to SDA's awesome events, especially those who may feel intimidated or too shy to have fun. As a representative of the SDA, I hope to give any fellow students design advice. I'm here to listen to their thoughts, questions or concerns. I also think my organizational and social skills are essential attributes that can assist the event planning process. I love the design community SDA has built (pun intended) and I want to encourage people to get involved!


Darya Andriyenko 


Wazzup I'm Darya! 

I am your friendly Ukrainian Slav next door! I am in my second year of studying Industrial Design. One of my biggest hobbies includes hairstyling. I would love to one day combine my knowledge of the beauty industry and industrial design to create new products in the future. 

I would love to be the next 400 ID Representative, because am a bubbly extrovert who loves making new friends, and enjoys making other people feel more accepted within their own community. Becoming a 400 REP will allow me to help out in various SDA jobs, and expand my experience in the world of design.


Isabelle Lussier


Hello, My name Is Isabelle and I will be your VCD 300 representative for the year! This is my first year at U of A and I am in my second year of the design program. I am super excited to be a part of the SDA team this year and I hope I can contribute some great ideas. If you have any questions about any events happening I can help you out!


Adrianna Chong


Hi, I’m Adrianna, I’m a 400 level VCD design student and going into my last year of design. This past year I got to be a member at large for the SDA, so I got to get a taste of what the SDA is like and how it functions. It’s been fun to be part of a great team and being able to help out with the different events that have happened. I’m happy to be part of the design community at the U of A and I’m excited to potentially be part of the SD-YAY!


Ala Warszynski


Hello everyone my name is Ala! I'm going into my last year of visual communication design. I had the opportunity to be a member at large this year and it was an incredible learning experience Being part of such an ambitious and creative student group has fostered an appreciation for the creation of great opportunities for students to engage with the larger design community. I am passionate about facilitating conversations and would like to continue encouraging community engagement as the External Liaison this upcoming year!


Oswaldo Ponce


Hello there! I’m Ozzy! A third year Industrial Design student. I spend a lot of my time at the university, meaning I don’t sleep a lot… In fact, I borderline live in the I.D building (fact). So if you are ever around, don’t be afraid to drop by and say hi! I’d love that.

I had the pleasure of forming part of the SDA this past year and had an absolute blast! So I hope to return this upcoming year to keep learning and developing my skills as a successful designer. Above all, the SDA has proven to be a wonderful family made up of talented individuals, so who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?  


Shannon Glassford


Hi, my name is Shannon Glassford! I am running for 400 level VCD representative. I would really love to help design students become more engaged with the SDA, with each other, and with the overall design community. I may not always be the loudest voice in the room, but I’ll bring your voice to the SDA. I am a great team player and I love working with people. I can bring upbeat energy, good work ethic, and a great listening ear to the team as well as all you fellow design students.


Julie Kuhn


Hey there, my name is Julie Kuhn and I’m an industrial design student passionate about user research. Education has always been extremely important to me, and these last few years of school have taught me a lot about myself and my peers. Therefore, as myself and fellow peers enter our final year, it is important we leave the UofA with a bang! I want a grad show that represents all the blood, sweat, tears and beers we have put into our degrees. Not only do I see our grad show representing the work we’ve already finished, but also projecting what we as UofA designers are capable of in the future. As the ID representative for grad chair I’ll work my butt off to make this our best year yet! Ok? Ok! 


Jenna Jaikaran


Hi! I’m Jenna, and I’m going into my third year of the Visual Communication Design program in the Business/Marketing route. I’m really excited to be running for Project Manager as I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about running a pop-up shop, working with sponsors and meeting new people. I was involved with the planning, set-up, and operation of the three Builts that the SDA put on this year while I was a 300-level rep, and want to take on more responsibility next year as it was my favourite aspect of my position. I love making lists (for myself and others), am always organized, and I’m passionate and knowledgeable about Built, so I feel like I am a strong candidate for this position. 


Kathy Milanowski


Hey, call me Kat, and I’m a current third-year visual communication design student with a love for illustration, photography, printmaking and dogs.

I am actively engaged on campus as Jack.org UAlberta’s Social Media and Graphic Design Coordinator, giving me first-hand experience both developing media as advertising from scratch, and marketing events from all social media platforms, through posters, word of mouth and tabling events. I’m active across multiple social media platforms, and I understand the dedication and time it takes to actively maintain and monitor a student group’s position and communication, in person and online. I’m organized, dedicated and excited with the opportunity to contribute my skillset and time to promote the design community. If we haven’t met, come say hi! :)


Gabrielle Lussier 


Hi, my name is Gabrielle. Not only am I passionate about design, but I’m also a freelance journalist, poet and writer. Basically, I love language. The way words sound in my head before I say them. How some people are able to craft stories that you can’t help but be drawn into. The catchy lyric of the latest bop on the radio. I’m captivated by the way permutations of mere letters can be so powerful. What I’m trying to say is that word choice is vastly important to me; and I can’t wait to be your voice, if you’ll let me. 


Jesse Miller-Dorey 


Hello! My name is Jesse Miller-Dorey and I am currently in my first year of the BDES program at the U of A.  I am super excited to be running for the position of 300 Level ID Rep and would love to get more involved in the design community both at the University and in the Edmonton area. Going into my second year, I would like to make a positive contribution to this community and help others in my program get involved. I believe that the SDA offers a great opportunity for students to connect with people in the program and those currently working in the design field. Getting students involved at the 300 level will only increase their success down the line. I am looking forward to joining the SDA team and creating an awesome community for design students at the U of A.


Naomi Brierley


Hi, I’m Naomi and I’m going into my final year of visual communication design. I've been excited about my grad show since first year, and I'm looking forward to helping shape the direction of this event for the 2019 graduating class. If you're graduating, or think you might be graduating next year, come and chat with me! We have exactly one year to get ready. :)