Digital Communications Specialist

Client, Employer, or Organization: Inside Education

Name of Contact: Chloe Wiun



Job Title: Digital Communications Specialist

Job or Opportunity Description:  The Digital Communications Specialist will ensure Inside Education’s environmental education resources are produced in a professional manner, promotes a positive online image and helps engage and connect teachers to Inside Education's programs and services. This role reports to the Communications Coordinator, and is responsible for the following:

1. Visual Communications: Working with the Communications Coordinator, coordinating the production of promotional materials and classroom resources. This will involve layout and design in a Mac-environment as well as working with certain contractors and printers.

2. Website Management: Making regular updates and improvements to Inside Education’s online environmental education web presence and our sister program websites. Inside Education uses the WordPress CMS.

3. Marketing and Promotions: Assist with the development of our electronic teacher newsletter. Working with meaningful metrics, tracking success of promotional efforts (eg. Google Analytics, formal/informal audience surveys)

4. Social Media: Assisting with content for social media accounts (eg. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo) Managing digital assets inventory (photos, impact stories, logos, artwork)

5. Partner/Donor Relations: Designing stakeholder reports and Society Annual Report. Designing the quarterly e-newsletter, Inside Edge. Designing partner recognition/appreciation materials.

This position will be partially funded by the Government of Canada’s Green Corps program. As such, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident or granted official refugee status
  • 18 -30 years of age • Un/under employed and not receiving employment insurance
  • Have not participated in any government-funded youth program within 1 year

Estimated Compensation: Compensation Salary for this position will be $26.25 per hour based on a 30 hour work week.

Application Deadline: Friday, December 1, 2017

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