Stage Designer

Client: Office of Alumni Relations, University of Alberta

Name of Contact: Jodi Richter


Phone Number: (780) 492-4523


Job Title: Stage Design: Alumni Awards

Job or Opportunity Description: The Alumni Awards ceremony is the university's largest annual public event. tarted in 1994, the ceremony is now attended by over 900 alumni and members of the community. This year, the ceremony will be held at the Jubilee Auditorium on September 25. 

In years past, u stage design for the Alumni Awards ceremony has been quite traditional: flowers, flags, podiums, the recipients seated on stage with green/gold vertical lightnin. Since the Alumni Awards celebrate our most outstanding alumni, we would like to use a U of A student(s) or alumni to design/build the stage design for our award ceremony. 

- We would prefer to rent set pieces or use pieces from the Jubilee as we don't have a space to store a custom-made piece until the ceremony next year
- Themes: Formal but fun, U of A green and gold, celebratory, stage focus is on recipients being presented with their award by President Turpin, with a select number (4) of recipients making speeches at a podium.

Estimated Compensation: $2000

Note: Compensation dependent on the complexity of the project and materials used by the designer

Application Deadline: 5/11/2017