Logo/Web Landing Page Design

Organization: eHUB UAlberta

Name of Contact: Brittney Roy

Email: bkroy@ualberta.ca

Phone Number: 7809142083

Website: http://ehub.ualberta.ca

Job Title: Logo/Web Landing Page Design

Job or Opportunity Description: eHUB is an entrepreneurship centre on campus. On average we have 20 students per semester working on a new venture/company. Each one of these students needs a design identity!

We are looking for a student/alumni (within one year of graduation) who are interested in designing a logo, web landing page design and other promotional materials for new student companies.

You will be working directly with entrepreneurial students. Each students needs will vary.

We recommend this for a jr. level designer who is looking to build their client relationship skills and build their portfolio but any level of experience is welcome to apply.
We currently have a designer who is working with students. We are looking for two or more designers who are interested in staying on our roster of talent.
We are making updates to our website and will be putting student designers on our website and link to your website/portfolio/social media pages.

This is a great opportunity to meet new people from different facilities. In the past we have had teams form at eHUB through relationship building and connecting at events.

The way it works:
You will essentially be "on call" for when students need design support. Lately they have been streaming in 2-5 new companies per week. 
Project scopes vary.

Please send us a link to your portfolio and a short description on your level of experience and project scope specialization.

The cost can fluctuate but we have set our costs at:
$100/landing page design (no coding necessary)
Additional work will default to: $20/hour

If you are a photographer, writer, design prototypes we would love to hear from you!

Estimated Compensation: $200

Application Deadline: 5/7/2017