Production Staff (Commercial Medical Devices)

Client, Employer, or Organization: Rehabtronics

Name of Contact: Andrew Nguyen


Job Title: Production Staff (Commercial Medical Devices)

Description: REHABTRONICS is a medical devices company based in Edmonton, Alberta. We are dedicated to helping therapists and patients get access to innovative and efficacy-driven technology for recovery. At Rehabtronics, we design, develop, manufacture and validate our products in partnership with research institutions and initiatives around the world. 

Rehabtronics is currently seeking candidates to join our team. This opportunity will provide graduates of the Design program the ability to engage and acquire experience in a product design environment. Your primary role will be to support the production of existing commercial medical devices that are distributed worldwide. Other, lateral type roles, such as assisting in the design and development of new products not-yet-at-market are opportunities that will undoubtedly present themselves during the candidate’s time of employment.

Essential skills and characteristics of a successful candidate:

  • Possess a basic level of mechanical reasoning
  • Strong manual dexterity
  • Works and communicates well in a team-based environment
  • Diligence within a highly-controlled work environment
  • Empathetic and is driven by an understanding of people
  • Practical knowledge with CAD programs (Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino 3D, Solidworks) is a plus

Notes: Paid Full-Time (Compensation is Negotiable)

Application Deadline: 9/18/2017