Client, Employer, or Organization: vrCAVE

Name of Contact: Alex Rossol

Email: info@vrcave.ca

Phone Number: 780-932-9141

Website: http://vrcave.ca


Job or Opportunity Description: About vrCAVE
vrCAVE utilizes the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to bring users the highest quality shared entertainment experiences. The vrCAVE system is a cutting-edge VR platform sold to small & medium businesses (B2B), predominantly in the entertainment industry. What makes vrCAVE's technology unique is that consumers can literally stand beside and interact with their friends as they explore and conquer virtual worlds together. vrCAVE has a unique, proprietary library of networked social VR games designed to be played collaboratively with groups of friends as opposed to the non-social, solo experiences offered by the home market.

Our first product line is a two-person VR haunted house called Hospital of Horror (www.hospitalofhorror.com) . This was first launched in Edmonton in October 2016, and was Canada’s first multi-user VR haunted house. In 2017, an updated version was released and is available in several cities across Canada and Western U.S.A.. 

In addition to halloween experiences, vrCAVE is also developing a line of VR escape rooms. Our very first title is called Space Station Tiberia, a space-themed four person escape room. It was first launched in Edmonton in July 2017, with several locations opening across North America in the Fall of 2017.

***Jr. 3D Technical Artist***

We are looking for a 3D Artist to create an immersive virtual world complete with believable environments, interactive props, and characters for use in multi-user VR experiences built in Unreal Engine 4.


-Create/Modify 3D static meshes as well as modifying/creating their respective texture files
-Contribute to the design of the overall game

Required Skills:
-Preferred degree background in Art & Design or Computer Science
-Skills in one or more aspects of 3D game art, including: 3D computer graphics, 3D Art/Content creation, or 3D animation.
-Verbal, written and interpersonal skills.
-Motivation to learn, and perseverance in solving complex issues.

Desired Skills:
-Experience with 3D content production tools such as Blender 3D, 3dsmax, Maya, etc.
-Experience with Photoshop or other image editing software
-Experience in working with a modern game engine: (particularly Unreal Engine, but experience with Unity, Source Engine, etc. also an asset)
-Have made a video game before (or a game mod)

Estimated Compensation: $25.00

Notes: Full-time position, flexible hours and location.