Event Assistant

Client, Employer, or Organization: Latitude 53

Name of Contact: Simone Kousol-Graham 

Email: admin@latitude53.org

Phone Number: 780-423-5353

Job or Opportunity Description: Another position that we are seeking to fill for Parka Patio is Event Assistant. The Event Assistant will coordinate artist installations for the event including sponsorship asks for the event itself. They will also coordinate the event flow (volunteers, attendees, fundraising engagement), with assistance from Latitude 53 staff and the Fundraising Events Committee. This is an exceptional project opportunity with significant portfolio potential in event planning from inception through to final production and evaluation. The selected candidate must be comfortable working within tight deadlines. Biweekly meetings with Latitude 53 staff and volunteer Fundraising Events Committee will produce feedback for the Event Assistant to respond to. The project will begin January 9 as the assistant will work with our volunteer run Fundraising Events Committee to coordinate and organize Parka Patio for February 10.

The Internship is SCIP approved and students will receive $1000 after 50 to 60 hours of work. Any interested students can email Simone at admin@latitude53.org to apply or inquire about the position.