Pixel Artist

Client, Employer, or Organization: Schadenfreude

Name of Contact: Jace Boechler

Email: info@schadenfreude.studio

Website: http://twitter.com/Little_Hellions

Job Title: Pixel Artists

Job or Opportunity Description: We’re looking for a pixel artist!
Do you consider pixel art a medium rather than an art style? Are you familiar with terms such as anti-aliasing and dithering? Do you value getting paid actual human money rather than empty promises of “exposure”? Then we may have a freelance position for you!

We’re currently looking to hire a local pixel artist for our flagship game project, Little Hellions, releasing later in 2019. Namely, we’d like to commission full “fighting game style” background artwork for various in game arenas. What to expect:

✦ An open line to discuss stylistic guidelines with our primary artist. Feel free to ask questions!
✦ Creative input in executing the subject matter of each background.
✦ Potential further work from us, for this and future projects.
✦ Fair and reasonable pay for your time and hard work.
✦ A casual, inclusive group of people to work with.
✦ Comradery! ~ or not, if you’re not into that.

Visit twitter.com/Little_Hellions/media for some ✦vague examples✦ of what the game looks like.


Schadenfreude is a tiny development studio making occulty video games and zines. We focus on making honest, silly things about empathy and imperfect human feelings. Little Hellions is our first major product release, with many to come! You can’t really look us up yet, as our marketing cycle will begin later this year.

Estimated Compensation: $25/hr

Application Deadline: 2/28/2019