Public Science Institute

Client, Employer, or Organization: Public Science Institute

Name of Contact: Kerri Whitlock


Phone Number:


Job Title: Promotions Team Lead

Job or Opportunity Description: Responsibilities:
•Create detailed promotions strategies and plans for PSI events, programs, projects, etc.
•Lead the Promotions Team to advertise generally for the PSI and carry out the promotions strategies mentioned above.
•Maintain social media accounts in the absence of a Social Media Coordinator. This would include making regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
•Assist the Promotions Team Members in their duties if needed and feasible.
•Inform the VP Engagement of all promotions strategies, so they may be approved, at least 6 weeks before a major PSI event. Smaller events may need less notice. This will be at the discretion of the Promotions Team Lead and the VP Engagement.
•Report to the VP Engagement when required and every week beginning when promotions of an event officially start.
•Ensure that the Promotions Team is running smoothly and everyone is responsive and carrying out their duties.
•Commit 3-5 hours per week, or possibly more in the weeks leading up to an event.
•Attend meetings as required.

Estimated Compensation: $0.00