BUILT 2017


Here's a sneak peek of our Launch Party for Built. A warm thank you to all our volunteers for making the event possible,  Good Information for jamming with us, Alley Kat Brewery for providing the brews, Italian Centre Shop Ltd.. for helping out with the food, Edmonton Made and Dialog for sponsoring us and Rostyslav Soroka for creating this beautiful video for everyone to enjoy! We could not have done it without the help of all of you! 



Hello! The Student Design Association is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our 4th annual Built shop this December! This year Built will be held in Kingsway Mall from December 8th - 22nd and is as always open to submissions from UAlberta students and UAlberta Alumni.

Built is a Temporary Design Store selling products from local art and design students and Alumni based in Edmonton, Alberta. Every product is created by students who have gained skills in manufacturing and design from their degree in Industrial and Visual Communication Design as well as Fine Arts. These products are often self exploratory projects that students create on their own time, and are unique items that are made to high quality, professional standards. 


Join us as we celebrate the opening of our 5th Pop Up Shop (two this year)!  The Launch Party will be an exclusive event filled with maker's products, food, live music and alcohol for purchase! 

Please confirm your attendance to the event through our eventbrite page as this is a 18+ private event. If you do not confirm your attendance we will not be able to allow you entry. 

Password: sdaexclusive




This is your go-to guide from submitting work to the shop – it includes all preliminary information about the event, as well as the information you need to submit so we can get you set up. Please read this document carefully as it contains some significant information which vary from our usual submission form.

As a design retail space, we are seeking work that is produced from a plan, is repeatable in assembly, and is consistent from item to item, and we will also be accepting furniture pieces in this shop. We intend to continue to differentiate ourselves from maker-fairs such as Royal Bison by utilizing our skills as Art and Design students to create seamless, professional products. As a general rule, handicraft and shop made items are still welcome, but we are heavily promoting third party production and designing for manufacture.

For VCD students, think along the lines of professionally printed books, posters or other material. For ID students, consider having your components made by external shops or through automated methods.


Please note: Everyone who submits a product will be required to work one shift at the shop (or more if you’d like!) during the setup or retail period. The SDA will be providing lunches to set-up and take-down volunteers, and let’s be honest, hanging out with other designers and selling your stuff to real people is going to be a blast.

Important Resources: 
We have links to some helpful resources available here: http://www.thesda.ca/resources-2/
The ID shop can be used for prototyping and one-offs, however for mass manufacturing or duplicates you will need to outsource your production.

If you would like to meet up with a representative from the SDA to discuss Built further, contact us at info@thesda.ca and we would be happy to help!



Frequently Asked Questions


The Built x Vignettes jury will consist of 4 instructors from the Design program, and four members of the SDA team, with an equal mix of disciplines. Each proposal will be assigned a number and presented anonymously in the interest of fairness, and all work will be viewed in one sitting. Jurors will individually rank each proposal on a scale from 1 (poor) to 7 (outstanding). If a proposal’s average score is 4+, it will be accepted to Built x Vignettes. Applicants will receive an email with further information, such as where and when to drop off your products, and how any unsold product will be returned, along with the juror’s comments. If a proposal is rejected, applicants will be notified by email, and will be provided the juror’s comments. Proposals can be improved and resubmitted to the SDA up to one week after the email notice. Unfortunately, we will only be organizing one juried event with the participation of the design instructors, and the resubmitted work will be juried by members of the SDA team only.


For any special cases, questions about VCD proposals, or any concepts for products that do not seem relevant to a category, please email submissions@thesda.ca. Describe your idea to us, and we will let you know what we’d like to see in your proposal.


Our office and UAlberta campus studios are closed for the summer. As mentioned earlier, we suggest finding third party producers for manufacturing. If you require assistance during the manufacturing of your product, the SDA will be happy to help in any way we can via email!






Photos were taken during the SDA's Built x Vignettes Showcase. Photos taken by Rebecca Stasiuk. 


BUILT 2016

Photos courtesy of Alyssa Lau


3rd annual built shop Comes to a Close!

Another successful year completed!

On December 21st, 2016, the talented students from the U of A design program closed the third annual “pop up” shop, called Built. The shop included over 70 items designed, branded and manufactured by students, ranging from jewelry and housewares, to prints and furniture. This event took place at Kingsway Mall. 

We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported Built. Our opening night was a huge success, and it continued on throughout the next ten days.

If you have any questions about submissions, please e-mail submissions@thesda.ca


BUILT 2015

BUILT 2015

The Student Design Association set up Pop Pop as a temporary design shop to sell University of Alberta student design work, and was located on Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB. Pop Pop is an annual event that typically runs in December as an opportunity for students to develop and sell work to the public. We place emphasis on quality and creativity, carrying a range of products from furniture and clothing, to jewelry and housewares. Both years have been quite financially successful, with 75% of profits going directly back to participating students. This is a time-lapse of Pop Pop's set up and reception, created by Rebecca Cormier and Colton Lockridge.


Check out our final sales report from the 2015 built Shop. It was a Massive success all thanks to every party involved!

Students and participants:

Questions about built?


If you're a design student at the University of Alberta and you are interested in participating in Built, feel free to let us know and give us feedback. The more interest we receive, the easier it is for us to begin working on another pop up shop in Edmonton.


Questions? please contact:

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