300 ID REP


Hello! My name is Jesse Miller-Dorey and I am currently in my first year of the BDES program at the U of A.  I am super excited to be running for the position of 300 Level ID Rep and would love to get more involved in the design community both at the University and in the Edmonton area. Going into my second year, I would like to make a positive contribution to this community and help others in my program get involved. I believe that the SDA offers a great opportunity for students to connect with people in the program and those currently working in the design field. Getting students involved at the 300 level will only increase their success down the line. I am looking forward to joining the SDA team and creating an awesome community for design students at the U of A.





400 ID REP


Hi my name is Jill and I'm a second year industrial design student at the u of a. Growing up I always loved getting involved and being a team player. Sports have always been a really big part of my life, which means working with other people and knowing how to communicate with others to reach a goal comes naturally to me. But aside from just knowing how to talk to people, I genuinely enjoy networking and meeting new people, which I believe is necessary for being a 400 representative. Spreading the word for any events that would help my peers or any other local designers would be something that I would take pride in, also considering that being the voice of those who I consider my friends would be extremely fulfilling. I strongly believe that my social strengths would really benefit the SDA if I were the 400 ID rep, and I guarantee that I'd be able to tackle any task that comes my way. :)


My name is Kieran Gilmore, and I am running for the 400-level ID rep position. I am a second year ID student going into my third year, and I’ve decided that this would be the year I get involved with the community and my peers alike. I want to do as much as possible to help the SDA with upcoming projects, and getting my fellow 400-level ID students informed about events. I believe this position would give me the opportunity to help the SDA get more involved with the design community at large. I hope I’ve convinced you enough to have your vote. Hope to see you at the poles!




Hi, my name is Shannon Glassford! I am running for 400 level VCD representative. I would really love to help design students become more engaged with the SDA, with each other, and with the overall design community. I may not always be the loudest voice in the room, but I’ll bring your voice to the SDA. I am a great team player and I love working with people. I can bring upbeat energy, good work ethic, and a great listening ear to the team as well as all you fellow design students.


Hello, I’m Sofia. I’m in my second year of Visual Communications Design and I am running for 400-level VCD representative. I find genuine interest in talking to you about the design work that matters to you. I want to be the connection between you and the SDA, if I get elected I hope to get you more involved in events within the university’s design community and outside. My goal as your representative is to allow you to feel more welcome in the SDA.

Darya Andriyenko

Wazzup I'm Darya! 

I am your friendly Ukrainian Slav next door! I am in my second year of studying Industrial Design. One of my biggest hobbies includes hairstyling. I would love to one day combine my knowledge of the beauty industry and industrial design to create new products in the future. 

I would love to be the next 400 ID Representative, because am a bubbly extrovert who loves making new friends, and enjoys making other people feel more accepted within their own community. Becoming a 400 REP will allow me to help out in various SDA jobs, and expand my experience in the world of design.




Hello everyone my name is Ala! I'm going into my last year of visual communication design. I had the opportunity to be a member at large this year and it was an incredible learning experience Being part of such an ambitious and creative student group has fostered an appreciation for the creation of great opportunities for students to engage with the larger design community. I am passionate about facilitating conversations and would like to continue encouraging community engagement as the External Liaison this upcoming year!


Hello friends my name is Travis and I’m a second year industrial design student in social sciences. I grew up in a log house and as a result always smell like cedar. But after moving to the big city last year to focus on school I now have the ability to become involved on campus, specifically in the SDA. I’ve chosen to run for External Liaison as my skillset is most applicable to it. 

There needs to be a well informed professional for this position; through the relationships I have already formed on campus as well as my knowledge of current Edmonton designers I’d prove resourceful to the SDA. I’m also incredibly self motivated and take care to explore what the city has to offer for designers. I believe with my willingness to learn and adapt to whatever comes my way I’d be a great fit.




Maaike Kuypers is a thinker, leader, and writer of sorts. She is in her second year of VCD, exploring the field of Women’s Studies. She hopes to one day work in magazine publication (maybe even her own), designing and writing the good stuff—in the meantime, she will take on all copywriting duties she can. Maaike is attentive to others and chooses her words mindfully, as she knows they hold potential to mean an awful lot. Maaike would be delighted to work alongside fellow creative-brained humans in putting together the best dang SDA we’ve seen yet.

Built is a temporary retail space created to showcase the excellent work of students, graduates and Alumni of the University of Alberta Bachelor of Design Program. Built is put on by the Student Design Association (SDA), a student run organization that is the voice of the design community within the U of A. Built provides students with the opportunity to meet fellow designers, and gain experience selling, discussing, and showcasing their work. This experience propels students towards success after graduation, as they learn to distribute and manufacture their work.

This event gives family, peers, and students outside of the program the opportunity to engage with the work of the Design Students. Customers are able to purchase the work and students are able to create connections with potential clients. As this event grows in its audience and anticipation each year, it is imperative Built be held annually to continuing providing new students with valuable work experience and the growing of community.


Hi, my name is Gabrielle. Not only am I passionate about design, but I’m also a freelance journalist, poet and writer. Basically, I love language. The way words sound in my head before I say them. How some people are able to craft stories that you can’t help but be drawn into. The catchy lyric of the latest bop on the radio. I’m captivated by the way permutations of mere letters can be so powerful. What I’m trying to say is that word choice is vastly important to me; and I can’t wait to be your voice, if you’ll let me. 

Every year, the student design association hosts a pop up shop titled ‘Built’ during the month of December. Built is a critical marketplace where students and alumni are able to immerse themselves in a professional design setting, and sell merchandise to consumers outside of an academic atmosphere. For many sellers, this is their first opportunity for networking and building connections in the design industry. These connections are imperative to success once the students leave the University of Alberta to continue to pursue their professional career. The annual nature of built allows students year after year to learn how to market themselves and their products, setting them up for success following the culmination of their design degree. It also showcases the breadth of talent in the art and design faculty to other University of Alberta students and staff; thus advertising the program at the same time. 


Hey there! I’m Selen, I’m currently in my second year of VCD, and I’m running to be your SDA Copywriter. As the mouthpiece of the SDA, the Copywriter gets to write all the important stuff, but they have to do it in a nuanced and professional way. Luckily for all of us, I care way too much about communication. Writing is one of those things I’ve always loved and done well, but never got an outlet to express. This position would give me the opportunity to improve my skills while giving back to the design community. I’m proactive, organized, and more than happy to work both alone and on a team. I also know how to turn on spellcheck in Word–a crucial skill for any good copywriter. The SDA needs a strong voice to keep flourishing and I believe I should be that voice.



I am a current student at the University of Alberta and a member of the Student Design Association. Our group is planning our December 2018 Built pop-up shop, and we would appreciate the financial support of the University to move forward.

Built is a temporary pop-up shop organized by the SDA. The pop-up shop is stocked with products designed and created by art and design students and alumni in Edmonton. Creators utilize skills learned from their degrees in art and design, and create high quality, professional goods. These products tend to be self motivated, personal projects.

Since 2014, Built has been a mainstay in the Edmonton art and design community. Each year it sees new growth and opportunity for everyone involved, whether they are the designers or organizers. Holding it annually means that U of A design students get the opportunity to participate each year, and we as an organization can continue to grow our presence in our city’s community. This past year we even held two extra Built events in conjuntion with Edmonton Design Week and General Concern.

Design is constantly moving and evolving; we know that the best way to respond to this is by giving our members as many chances as possible to learn, grow, and branch out. Built is the ideal stage for this. On top of the clear benefit to the design community, Built gives others the chance to network with designers. It’s also a great chance for people to do their holiday shopping while supporting local creators. 

To keep Built running, we need help from the greater community, including the university. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to apply for funding and look forward to working with you in the future.

Respectfully yours,

Selen Erkut



Hi there! My name is Mickey (like the mouse) and I'm in my 2nd year ID engineering route. I am running for Treasurer because I have had some experience with the financials of various non-profits and other personal projects and I would love the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role. I'm quite organized, know my way around an excel spreadsheet, and can even do long division. My mom says I'm cool too, so I think that counts for something.


Hello everyone, my name is Kamil Salamon and I’m a second year industrial design student in the engineering route. Besides knowing how to use Photoshop and calculate things using numbers and formulas, which already qualifies me for the position I am running for, I also hold other qualifications that I’ve picked up not only from my program but also working with various types of people that would make me great fit for the SDA.

I’ve chosen to run for the Treasurer position in the SDA as I feel I would be a valuable asset to the team with my extensive organization and management skills in a professional environment, which is exactly the representative this position needs. My skills include working in environments such as Human Resource offices, as well as organizing several fundraiser and charity events in various schools.

By running for the position, I realize I am placing myself in a spot of responsibility and liability, and I am prepared to undergo any duty this position throws at me for the betterment and prosperity of the SDA. Not only would I like to strengthen my connection with the SDA and become involved with the community, I would also strive to push the SDA forward and create a network of relations with other organizations and event planning committees.




Hey y'all! My name is Rebecca but you can call me Reb, Beccles or Becca and I'm currently in my 3rd year of VCD. I eat, sleep and breathe design; it's my life. If elected Membership Coordinator, I will welcome everyone with open arms to SDA's awesome events, especially those who may feel intimidated or too shy to have fun. As a representative of the SDA, I hope to give any fellow students design advice. I'm here to listen to their thoughts, questions or concerns. I also think my organizational and social skills are essential attributes that can assist the event planning process. I love the design community SDA has built (pun intended) and I want to encourage people to get involved!




Maaike Kuypers spends much of her free time illustrating, photographing, and writing about the world around her. She is constantly searching for opportunities to translate ideas into the visual realm—she loves sharing her thoughts, in whatever way they manifest, with all those who will listen. She enjoys managing and creating social media content that engages the viewer at first tap. Maaike takes prides in the curation of concise, thoughtful, sometimes witty captions—from time to time, she is even asked to write them for her friends. Maaike is a quick learner, always willing to bounce ideas, and vows to create work that reflects the absolute best of her abilities. She hopes to represent the SDA through a unique and, dare she say, funky social media presence.

Kathy Milanowski

Hey, call me Kat, and I’m a current third-year visual communication design student with a love for illustration, photography, printmaking and dogs. My passions in design center around social and sustainable design, where I advocate for education, community and wellbeing. You might have seen my face on the wall in VCD, and I am ecstatic with the opportunity to be the engine behind the SDA’s communication efforts, delivering opportunities, events and initiatives straight to your inbox and social media feeds.

I am actively engaged on campus as UAlberta’s Social Media and Graphic Design Coordinator, giving me first-hand experience both developing media as advertising from scratch, and marketing events from all social media platforms, through posters, word of mouth and tabling events. I’m active across multiple social media platforms, and I understand the dedication and time it takes to actively maintain and monitor a student group’s position and communication, in person and online. I’m organized, dedicated and excited with the opportunity to contribute my skillset and time to promote the design community. If we haven’t met, come say hi! :)




Hello. My name is Jondrei Victoria Alcain and I am in my third year of Art and Design related study. I am running for the position of Website Coordinator as part of the Student Design Association (SDA). I have always had an interest in Art and Design growing up. That interest has led me to pursue a career related to UI/UX and web design and being a part of the SDA for this position would be a great opportunity to start learning and experiencing a related skill set, as well as applying these skills in the context of a team environment. I have always wanted to, in some capacity, do something positive in the design sphere, not only to gain new experiences but as a way of gaining knowledge to help push design as a whole in a more positive light, through interaction, collaboration and education in the sharing of design related information and how it has an impact in everyday life and being a part of the SDA would be a great opportunity to help pursue these goals. Although I lack experience with web development, my interest in design, and more specifically visual and web design, as well as pushing design in a positive manner, openness to learn, staying organized, ability to work as part of a team and motivation to do the best work I can be proud of, I believe, would make for a suitable Web Coordinator.


Hello there! I’m Ozzy! a second year Industrial Design student. I spend a lot of my time at the university, meaning I don’t sleep a lot… In fact, I borderline live in the I.D building (fact). So if you are ever around, don’t be afraid to drop by and say hi! I’d love that.

I had the pleasure of forming part of the SDA this past year and had an absolute blast! So I hope to return this upcoming year to keep learning and developing my skills as a successful designer. Above all, the SDA has proven to be a wonderful family made up of talented individuals, so who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?  

UH also, I’m HILARIOUS, and if you ask anyone… they’ll probably disagree, but it doesn’t matter! I crack myself up all the time!


My name is Jonathan Pape, 22, fifth year visual communications design (VCD) undergraduate. My early background consisted of traditional art practice, primarily within painting and illustration. Starting my degree as a BFA student, and transitioning through the faucets of painting, printmaking, intermedia, and into VCD and integrated service design practices, I believe I have a unique and wholistic perspective to offer. My current practice is focused primarily on 2D digital and print media, with an emphasis on typography and hierarchy. I have a strong understanding of style, composition, and the curation of information. Looking at the design practice from an organizational side is incredible important too. Communicating to your audience not only in an effective, but engaging way, is a core principle I consider priority in my design, and would like to put to practice through the position of Web Coordinator within the SDA.




Hey there! I am currently a fourth year design student at the University of Alberta, focusing on visual communication design with an emphasis on print and digital media. I enjoy designing in a way that mediates information with intrigue. Utilizing illustration, branding, layout, typography, and photography to provide dynamic solutions. I am passionate about design’s ability to positively affect and connect communities, specifically its capacity to facilitate dialogue in an accessible way!





Hi! I’m Jenna, and I’m going into my third year of the Visual Communication Design program in the Business/Marketing route. I’m really excited to be running for Project Manager as I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about running a pop-up shop, working with sponsors and meeting new people. I was involved with the planning, set-up, and operation of the three Builts that the SDA put on this year while I was a 300-level rep, and want to take on more responsibility next year as it was my favourite aspect of my position. I love making lists (for myself and others), am always organized, and I’m passionate and knowledgeable about Built, so I feel like I am a strong candidate for this position. 



Julie Kuhn

Hey there, my name is Julie Kuhn and I’m an industrial design student passionate about user research. Education has always been extremely important to me, and these last few years of school have taught me a lot about myself and my peers. Therefore, as myself and fellow peers enter our final year, it is important we leave the UofA with a bang! I want a grad show that represents all the blood, sweat, tears and beers we have put into our degrees. Not only do I see our grad show representing the work we’ve already finished, but also projecting what we as UofA designers are capable of in the future. As the ID representative for grad chair I’ll work my butt off to make this our best year yet! Ok? Ok! 




Hi, I’m Naomi and I’m going into my final year of visual communication design. I've been excited about my grad show since first year, and I'm looking forward to helping shape the direction of this event for the 2019 graduating class. If you're graduating, or think you might be graduating next year, come and chat with me! We have exactly one year to get ready. :)




Hi, I’m Adrianna, I’m a 400 level VCD design student and going into my last year of design. This past year I got to be a member at large for the SDA, so I got to get a taste of what the SDA is like and how it functions. It’s been fun to be part of a great team and being able to help out with the different events that have happened. I’m happy to be part of the design community at the U of A and I’m excited to potentially be part of the SD-YAY!




I'm looking forward to next academic term! we will have a bunch of our most loved fellow designers leaving the program and some new baby designers entering Fundamentals and 300-level!

As Director I am making it my goal to explore new possibilities in terms of student inclusion and refurbishing our reputation within the city of Edmonton! I am excited to work with the amazing lineup of fellow SDAers coming up. My hope is to bolster an experimental year in event programming and fundraising to update the SDA and prepare it for the future!

Copywriter Prompt

You’re applying for a grant to help find funding for December Built 2018. The grant question prompts you to discuss (in 150-200 words) how Built will benefit University of Alberta students. However, the SDA applied for this grant in 2017 too, so you also need to demonstrate why it’s important that Built be held annually.



Position Descriptions


The Director is responsible for guiding the strategic direction for the group, and is the Chair of the Executive Committee. The Director is the primary event and activity organizer of the SDA, possess signing authority on the group bank account, and chairs all group meetings. It is the Director’s role to ensure that all group activities and resources are devoted to meeting the group’s objectives, as defined by the SDA’s Mission, Vision and Value statements. This includes ensuring that the SDA Executive Team is not doing contract design work, except in a fundraising capacity, and is focused on creating opportunities for the General Membership. The Director has the authority to delegate tasks to all Executive Members, appoint members to fill unexpected vacancies, and has final say on group decisions (although veto power should be exercised with restraint). The Director must also complete annual training with the University of Alberta’s Student Group Services as part of the registration requirement as outlined in the UAPPOL Student Group Procedure.



The Treasurer is responsible for management of the SDA’s current and long term finances. The Treasurer possesses signing authority on the group’s bank account, and is responsible for understanding how and where money is spent and earned. The Treasurer is also responsible for several administrative duties, including support on granting and insurance related activities.


Graphic Design LEAD

The Graphic Design Lead serves as the group’s primary graphic content creator, as well as a brand consistency monitor for all internal and external media. This position is in charge of leading any event or organizational branding efforts, and has the authority to make decisions on the graphic direction of minor projects, superseded only by the Director. For major projects, the Graphic Design Lead will establish a timeline with the Director, and submit a branding identity proposal to the team, before further refinement. The distinction between major and minor projects, and whether or not a proposal is necessary will be determined by the Director prior to the project beginning. Once a project’s graphic content has been created, the Graphic Design Lead is responsible for outlining specifically how the content should be implemented, and liaising with print shops to order any printing that may be necessary. With the approval of the Director, the Graphic Design Lead can delegate graphic content creation to other members of the SDA, but retains the authority to approve all final designs. This position works closely with the Web Coordinator, the Communications Officer, and the Copywriter.


External Liaison

The External Liaison is responsible for relationships and interactions between the SDA and outside entities. This position primarily focuses on strengthening bonds with the Art and Design Department, other student groups at the U of A, and other organizations that could benefit the SDA’s Membership to further the SDA's core goals and objectives. This role requires a highly self-motivated individual who is able to consistently maintain professional relationships, and is an active member of the greater design community.


Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is a largely administrative role, with a social media component.


Project Manager

The Project Manager is a new role which will be responsible for taking the lead on all aspects of the planning and operations of the SDA’s annual pop up retail shop: Built. As Built happens annually in December, this position will require high involvement in the Fall semester and then will be considered a General Member position in the winter semester.


Membership Coordinator

The Membership/Events Coordinator carries out organizational tasks for General Membership, administrative duties for Executive Members, and is the backbone of the administrative side of the SDA’s event planning. Specifically, the Membership/Events Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of all volunteering efforts of General Members, and tracking the involvement of all three member groups, as well as other membership related initiatives such as recruitment or promotion.






Vice Director

The Vice Director is the group’s second in command, chairing meetings if the Director is not present, coordinating smaller projects, and possessing signing authority on the group bank account. A primary function of the Vice Director is to be the “man on the ground” - all other Executive Members must bring their task specific issues to the Vice Director, who then must use their best judgment to determine whether or not to bring the issue to the Director or deal with it directly. If the issue is not large enough to be escalated, it is the Vice Director’s responsibility to assist the team member in solving the issue at hand. The Vice Director also possesses the authority to delegate tasks to other team members, unless such orders would contradict the Director. The Vice Director should be active in their involvement, and is an initiative based position, requiring consistent attention to the group’s activities, and individual member’s tasks.



The Copywriter is the voice of the SDA. This position creates all major copywriting for internal and external documentation, and requires strong communication and writing skills. This position also requires the ability to create a consistent and professional voice in various, sometimes sensitive, situations. The Copywriter must use their best judgment to determine when communication must be carefully worded, and works closely with the Director in such cases to ensure communication is appropriate and professional. The Copywriter is only responsible for assembling information into a coherent document, all information and decisions are created and compiled by other team members prior to writing. All major writing must be read by the Director prior to release or publishing.


Web Coordinator

The Web Coordinator is the chief administrator of the website and all it’s related functions. This is both a web development and design position, and will require working closely with the Copywriter for content, and the Graphic Design Lead for custom graphics. The Web Coordinator is an essential role to the organization, and will require a proportional time commitment.


300/400 Reps

1 – 300 Level Visual Communication Design student

1 – 300 Level Industrial Design student

1 – 400 Level Visual Communication Design student

1 – 400 Level Industrial Design student

The Industrial Design and Visual Communication Design Representative positions, in both 300 and 400 level, provide fluidity to the organization based on situational needs. These positions are intended to provide support when and where it is required as decided by the Director or other team leads. This is a wide scope of responsibility, and representatives must be both flexible and dependable. For example, a representative could be asked to aid in the preparation of promotional materials, assist in researching grant applications, pick up printed materials, or take the lead on a smaller event. Tasks assigned to representatives will vary in complexity and time commitment, and personal workloads will be taken into account by the Director. A central function of the Representative’s position is relaying information between the SDA Executive Team and the General Membership, which includes advocating for General Members during Executive meetings, and relaying information to the General Membership. This means representative should be highly involved individual in their respective years and must strive to be active leaders and listeners in their cohort. This position will be the first point of contact most General Members have to the executive team.


Grad Committee Chairs

1 - Graduating Industrial Design student

1 - Graduating Visual Communication Design student

The Industrial Design and Visual Communications Design Grad Chairs are responsible for forming, and managing the Grad Committee. The Grad Chairs have no responsibility to the rest of the SDA’s activities, save actively communicating the Grad Committee’s intentions if they may affect the SDA’s activities. Both Grad Chairs have signing authority over the Grad Committee bank account, as well as spending approval on behalf of the Grad Committee. Grad Chairs do not have authority over other SDA finances. Candidates for ID Grad Chair must have already taken core 500 level Industrial Design courses, or be taking them during the year of their term as Chair. Candidates for VCD Chair must have taken core 500 level Visual Communication Design courses, or be taking them during the year of their term as Chair.