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Built is an annual pop-up shop, hosted by the Student Design Association.

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Got any old paints collecting dust or are you in search of a Wacom pen? The Art & Design Buy and Sell group is a safe and profitable place for U of A students, staff and alumni to buy and sell their supplies used for their creative practice!

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Submitted Question:

I recently found out about this association and I'm interested in joining however, I would like to know more about the SDA. What exactly do you do? Do you host regular meetings, if so when, where and at what time(s)?
Ps, I'm a first year student.


Hey There! Hope you are doing well! The SDA is an organization that aims to help the design community within campus. We host mixers, have guest lectures and overall support and empower design students to be as successful as they can be! We do host regular meetings, once a week to be specific, but the schedule is chosen according the individuals involved, as we want to make sure everyone is able to attend. If you have any other questions please feel free to attend our elections panel! There you can find more on how to join and what we do!

Submitted Question:

Hi there, how hard is it to get in? How 'experienced' does your portfolio need to be? Thanks!


Hey there!

This is a VERY COMMON and yet very difficult question to answer. There is not a specific way to measure “hardness” as is it very relative to the person, however what I can say with confidence is that they are not looking for professionals. If you were a professional, then you wouldn’t need to come into our program! So it’s ok if you are not an expert yet.

In terms of what they are expecting to see.. that is also hard to say. The standards are set by our program coordinators so I wouldn’t be able to answer that. Word of advice, show variety. Let them know you can draw, paint, build, etc.. whatever showcases your talents or interests. Also don’t be afraid to add some personality to your portfolio (as long as it is appropriate/professional) that is always a good way to stand out!

A method I utilized was to look at other university’s examples of student portfolios. For instance, if you want to go into Industrial Design, here are some examples from Carleton University. This is not to suggest that you should copy them, or compare your work to them (as most of these are more advanced portfolios) but are just to be used as references on how to showcase your work. In a similar manner you can also take a look at portfolios that reflect ideal VCD practices and see how you can incorporate those into your own work.

Here are the portfolio guidelines regarding the UofA.

And please remember this advice is from a student perspective. I am not a professional. These are just things I found helpful.

If you have any more questions you should talk to Caitlin Wells.