Instructions will be emailed to everyone enrolled in at least one DES class


  • Graeme Arnison

Vice Director ID

  • Simone Kousol-Graham

Vice Director VCD

  • Anna Campbell


  • Cayley Lux


  • Zhaocheng (Hugh)

  • Becky Cormier 


  • Ryan Wayne

  • Daria Nordell


  • Michael P.


  • Tim Whistance-Smith

  • Matt Carr

  • Rachel Killoh

  • Marc Webster

  • Ravin Perera

  • Christine Masuda

VCD Representative

  • Trevor Lau

  • Mallory Scrip

  • Ryan Wayne

Web Coordinator

  • Shuhao Yu

  • Lea St. Arnault

  • Rachel Killoh

ID Grad Chair

  • Jon Thompson

VCD Grad Chair

  • Adaire Beatty

Meet the candidates!


For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a third year student in Industrial Design, and I’ve had the pleasure of being on the SDA as ID Representative for the last year. These last two semesters have been great, and I ended up enjoying what we were doing in the SDA more than any of my projects. Working on a larger team is a unique experience – it is much more involved than you might expect, but exciting in the best way possible. My decision to run for Director is based on the experience I’ve gained working with this group over the last year, and the ideas I have for how we can grow the organization in the year ahead. I, along with several other current members, feel that the SDA needs to continue to be more open and involved, with events and activities that are relevant to design students. As the Pop Up Shop was such an enormous success this year, I am definitely interested making it an annual event, as well as exploring ideas for events that we haven’t yet attempted as an organization. So this week, please remember to vote Arnison… and if I’m going to be completely honest, it’s mostly so I can hold first year gladiator battles in the 24-hour space. I’ve always wanted to do that. There will be betting.


"Hello my name is Simone Kousol-Graham! If you don’t know me, I’m the girl with short hair, glasses and a constant look of confusion on her face. This week I’m running for Vice Director (Industrial Design)! Within the design program, my experience has involved me leaving my comfort zone in order to experience new design opportunities as well as acquaint myself with my peers. For a rather introverted person like myself, this has been equally stressful yet uplifting as I have realized that we are really all in this together and can learn a lot from each other’s experiences. As vice director, my main goal is to further encourage student collaboration and support that I feel the SDA and design program prides itself on. I hope to get to know and represent you all to the best of my ability. Thank you!


Hello everyone! Firstly, I am currently finishing my fifth year of university, third year in design with two years in theatre design previously. I will be entering my sixth and final year of university next year before I finally enter back into the real world. Before I leave, I hope to collect and bring as much experience with me as I can. Working on the SDA exec this year was an incredible opportunity to work with so many other awesome people and contribute to events that made school more enriching for everyone. As Vice Director VCD, I would continue to work towards making the SDA more integrated with the larger design student body to create more opportunities and experiences for everyone. I look forward to working with the soon-to-be-amazing-new SDA team and students to create an even better year for 2015/16. :)


My name is Becky Cormier and I am hoping to be elected for the Communications Officer position on the Student Design Association. Why am I running? Because I want next year to be cool, like too cool for school, ok I know this is a school thing, but what I am saying Is that it can be that cool. Anyway, here is a short list of things I hope to accomplish. I want to use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram & twitter to promote student work. I am constantly taking photos and I want to use this procrastination and turn it into something positive, like promoting you guys! I want to create an app for the SDA that allows students to share their work. The idea is to have a sharing platform where any art and design student can upload images of their work and anyone can view this work. I think that this will bring awareness to the awesome things we do here in the art and design department as well as encourage new students to check out what senior level projects look like. And finally, open up communications. I want to get students in the know about local shows, calls for submissions, and SDA run events. So I will be sending out emails, (not too many, just enough) and posting to Facebook and Instagram, to tell you all about it! Basically I want to get student work out there, and really promote everyone, whether you be a first year, or graduating, because we do amazing things around here sometimes. Also…maybe pizza at the general meetings? I don’t know..am I allowed to say that?


So, who is Zhaocheng(Hugh) Huang exactly? No idea? Take the chance vote for him as Communication Officer of Student Design Association(SDA) for the year 2015-2016 and you will see. Why he deserves the job? He cares about you, each one of you that involved in SDA, in design. He will make sure that you will be taking care of next year, get communicated, get connected, and get COOL design info!He knows all the social media platforms that SDA is running on, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He will open new social media accounts if necessary, just to ensure each of you can be reached out by any means. He’s willing to send owls to deliver the message to you if you are a secret wizard. You will be the first to get informed when zombie comes! Vote Zhaocheng(Hugh) for communication officer!


If I was the Membership Coordinator, I would utilize this position to not only communicate and excite members about the great opportunities that the Student Design Association has to offer, but also to establish a solid foundation for the membership and to further the benefits of being a member in this great organization. I hope to fulfill my role by establishing the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) within the SDA and ensure that members who committed time, energy and effort in volunteering for SDA events will be recognized by this institutional document. The CCR was established by the U of A Student Union as a "tool to support members in their employment applications and interviews, applications to graduate programs and scholarships and award packages." If elected, I will ensure that my fellow classmates will receive the recognition they deserve in hopes to further their potential in this creative field. Vote for Michael and he will help you reach your potential! 


Before telling you why you should elect me for ID representative I think it would be best to properly introduce myself. I’m currently finishing my first year of the BDes program and my primary interest lies in industrial design. Prior to entering the program I spent two years studying at NAIT to become a pastry chef. After my first year I started working at The Duchess Bake Shop. It was an amazing work environment that valued craft and creativity above all else. My three years working at Duchess shaped not only my opinions regarding baking, but also taught me the importance of community involvement and teamwork. I would love to bring these same values and skills to the SDA. If elected I would focus on fostering a more active and open relationship between students and the SDA. I would also work to encourage greater participation in SDA run events, through classroom visits and a more dynamic conversation about when events should take place to best integrate into students’ busy schedules. I look forward to meeting and working with the amazing range of talented designers in the ID program and am excited by the opportunity to represent them in this coming academic year.

ID REPRESENTATIVE - Christine Masuda

I’d love to represent my fellow ID students and make sure that everyone has a chance to hear about and participate in events. I know that I’ve been hesitant in the past to really put myself out there and all it took was a few friends to motivate me and push me to do things that I didn’t think I could.  In the same way I hope to encourage students to step out of their comfort zone. It’s also important to me that everyone feels they have a say in what goes on so that SDA can better serve design students. My goal is to be a point of connection between the SDA and the industrial design students – someone who you can come to with complaints, concerns, suggestions, and amazing ideas that we would love to help make happen!


Hey there! My name is Ravin, I am the brown guy who basically lives in the ID building. I am a big design geek with a cheesy sense of humour, but I take my work seriously, and I’m always down to help people. Currently I am running for the SDA ID rep, because I believe its a key role in making people aware of the SDA. My residence in ID, means I am always available if anyone has questions or just simply wants to have a chat. The ID program can be very stressful, and I can relate when it comes to cramming up for projects, and spending all nighters in ID. Therefore I look forward to meeting some new people and the making the ID experience more fun and entertaining! #voteforRavin


Hello fellow students!  My name is Matthew Carr and I am running for I.D. Representative for the 2015-16 school year in hopes that I can act as the liaison between the SDA Executive and the Students of Industrial Design.As an approachable and friendly person I would be more than happy to address any questions or concerns you have regarding the Association or any upcoming Events or Activities and if there is anything I do not know offhand I will do my best to find it out for you.A brief introduction to myself: I enjoy food, zoning out to music, long sits in front of Netflix, food, the Venture Bros., Archer, Beards, food, board games, and a long list of etceteras.  As for dislikes the most prominent right now is the I.D. computer lab alarm.Thanks for reading, I hope to see you all next year!


Hello, my name is Trevor Lau and I’m one of the many Asians you see on campus. However, there is one fundamental difference between me and them—that difference of course being that I suck at math (hence why I’m not running for treasurer). But I digress, the real reason I want to run for VCD representative is not that my math skills are essentially nonexistent, but rather that I want to represent everyone involved in design, and to encourage and inform fellow designers of all the rad and psychedelic events that happen at the SDA. My goal is to involve as many people as possible (obviously), and even try to get those not so willing to open up their minds to the possibility of meeting new people. I look forward to being a part of the SDA and encouraging my future minions to become more involved with the SDA, whether as a representative (that’s up to you guys and gals) or just as a fellow design student.


Hello, designers! My name is Shuhao Yu, I am currently in third year, industrial design. I am running for the web coordinator for SDA. My major reason to run for this position and to consider myself worthy is because I am very interested to be a member in SDA and I have confidence to manage and maintain the SDA website goes well. I am not a web designer, however, I am good at studying computer software and the first thing I will do during this summer is learn web design and HTML if elected. For next year, I would make sure our SDA website go smoothly and well-organized. I will always do it to my full potential and put all my effort into it. I will update all the events and information without delay. If it is possible, I would like to improve the site and provide a well-organized SDA website for all the SDA members.

Thank you very much for reading, and please vote Shuhao Yu for SDA web coordinator. I will make sure your vote does not get wasted. 

WEB COORDINATOR - Lea St. Arnault 

Hi my name is Léa. It is pronounced like Princess Leia. Yeah I know that’s pretty cool. I am in my third year in ID and VCD and I am running for the Web Coordinator position for the 2015–2016 school year. The reason I want to be the Web Coordinator for next year, is that I have begun working with websites on different platforms, and I just want to keep learning and working on improving my skills, and showing what I can do. I want to make the website accessible to everyone, kept up to date with important information. So don’t forget that the force is strong with this one.


Hi! My name is John. I’ve been at the U of A for quite a while now and while I haven’t had the gotten to meet everyone graduating next year, I’d love to have that opportunity. I can usually be found in the printmaking studio or somewhere in the ID building. I’m running for the position of ID Grad Chair because I love the sense of community that is so strong in our program and want to make a contribution that will benefit everyone. As ID Grad Chair I would work hard to make sure the grad show is a rewarding experience for everyone. I’m highly organized and respond well when working under pressure. With these skills I would do everything possible to ensure that the show, (and all fundraising events leading up to it) runs smoothly for both VCD and ID students. I look forward to the idea of working with all of you next year to make sure our grad show a roaring success!

ID Representative - Rachel Kills

Through my previous experiences volunteering with the SDA for certain events, I came to realize the importance of this association to our design program. It is a way to support our program and build student relationships outside of the classroom. Being involved with the SDA would allow me to participate more fully with the students and the program in which I am committed to. I enjoy volunteering, being involved, meeting new people and connecting with others. To be given the chance to do this on a regular basis for the SDA would be gratifying and mean a lot to me. I am a fast learner and will work hard to meet the needs of the SDA and my fellow students, if given the opportunity, whether it is to be an advocate or help maintain the web site, I’d be happy to do it!


What up awesome designers! My name is Mallory Skrip and I live in VCD…well sort of, doesn't it feel like it sometimes? Worth it though, hey? I'm currently a third into fourth year BDes. I'm running for VCD representative because I feel like VCD students deserve a strong voice and I believe I can be that voice for you. I recently went on a design trip overseas and it made me realize that the world is not closed to us and that it's extremely important to surround ourselves with inspiring and creative minds. We are constantly challenged by one another and inspired by each others' hearts and minds. From this, I therefore believe in involving everyone in the SDA's decision making and proposals to make our faculty an even more involved and inspiring place to be. My goal is to listen to everyone and involve everyone. Sometimes it can feel like our concerns are not being heard in such a large school, but I am willing and ready to take all your opinions, concerns, ideas, and questions, and present them to the heads to SDA so that you can feel like you're being heard and being seen while working towards your own educational goals. 


Hello fellow design enthusiasts! My name is Ryan Wayne and I’m running for External Liaison and VCD Representative. Let me tell you why you should vote for me:  Outside of school, I hone my design skills by working as the in house communication designer for Nature Alberta (NA), and as a founding member of the Edmonton Wayfinding Society (EWS)—a group dedicated to making Edmonton more pedestrian friendly, and advocating for improved wayfinding. As a founding member of the EWS, I’ve enjoyed opportunities to connect with many local professionals. This has included showcasing the EWS as the Winnipeg Design Festival and presenting at Edmonton’s 20th Anniversary Pecha Kucha Night. Additionally, I had the exciting opportunity to act as the Student Liaison for Edmonton Type Camp 2014.Through my involvement with the EWS, Type Camp, and working for NA, I have connected with a variety of professionals: from City Councillors and the Downtown Business Association Board to local entrepreneurs, academics, and designers. As your External Liaison and VCD Representative I’m confident that I’ll be able to use my experience and enthusiasm to connect the SDA with exciting opportunities offered by our vibrant city. 

VCD GRAD CHAIR - Adaire Beatty

Hello! My name is Adaire and I am running for the VCD Grad Chair of 2016. There are many reasons why I feel that I would be the best candidate for this position. Firstly that I have some experience including a collaborative exhibition design project through my 594 class, a small cabinet display for my 495 photography class as well as a small exhibition for an art history class. Next year will be my fifth academic year this means that I will have a lot of time next year to commit to the grad show. This is time that I am willing to commit to, as I know and understand the responsibility of the task at hand. As a leader, I am cooperative and collaborative and enjoy working with others. I think that everyone has talents and it is about bringing those talented hard working people together. My goal for next year is to keep the process running smoothly but mostly I have a passion for the grad show. I am proud of our work, I am proud of this program and I would love the opportunity to show the community exactly how amazingly bad ass we are!


Hello friends! I would love to represent the SDA as our External Liaison in the U of A community and beyond! I am good buds with people in VASA, The Arts Faculty Student Association, Arts Council, and the Student’s Union Executive, making me a good bridge for keeping communication flowing between our program and the rest of the student groups. I have some major experience in event planning and fund raising as well as involvement in volunteer coordination. As your External Liaison, I will work hard to represent the SDA in Edmonton’s arts community and keep you in the loop with events, opportunities and anything else I think would be neat to be a part of. Also, if you are trying to figure out how to say my name, my twitter is @truthordaria if that helps any. Happy voting everyone!