On Design Talk: Vikki Weircinski

The second On Design lecture for the month of October will be with esteemed guest Vikki Wiercinski. Vikki is a professional graphic designer/artist and was named 2017 Maker of the Year. She runs an Edmonton based design group called "Mezzaluna Studio" that focuses on textile and paper goods. Vikki formulates her style from her love of organic and abstract forms. 

Please be respectful of our guests time and plan to arrive a little bit early as the lecture will begin at 5:15pm.

We will have the Chiller Mixer following the next day.

Graphics by Jamie Tameta. 



An Ode the the Chiller typeface or an ode to drinking, whichever you prefer. Come celebrate almost Halloween with us. We will end wherever the night takes us. 

DISCLAIMER: You do not have to like the Chiller font to attend this mixer. Everyone is welcome to share their innate emotions about the font because let's be honest, Papyrus is the real enemy here.

7:00pm @ Davaney's Irish Pub!

Graphics by Jamie Tameta.