Oh, Hello!

who are we?

The Student Design Association represents current undergraduate students and alumni of the University of Alberta, who have taken design courses during their degree. We actively work to stimulate community involvement, create partnerships with other organizations, and host events for students and staff, with the goal of providing the support and opportunities necessary to help design students find success.


Mickey LaForge


Hi there! I'm a fourth year Industrial Design student in the engineering route who is focusing on the relationship between people and their physical environments. My primary goal for this year is to improve presence with our students and the greater design community. I hope that the SDA can better support our students opportunities by continuing to provide educational opportunities, such as the On Design talks, in addition to new programming that connects students, alumni, and the community. To do this, we want to know what you want to know!

If you have any ideas for a talk, event, or even just something you want to learn more about, reach out to us under 'talk to us' or find me around campus! We're going to have a great year!


Abigail Hoover


My name is Abigail and I'm a second year design student at the U of A with a focus in Industrial Design. I hold the Treasurer position within the Student Design Association and I am so thrilled to be apart of the team. I love the design program and the community it creates and I can't wait to contribute back to our design family. Please feel free to reach out if you have any inquires about the financials of the group!


Maaike Kuypers 


My name is Maaike (My-Key), and I am an enthusiastic visual communication designer who is usually laughing, talking about music, or hugging my friends. I’m in my fourth year with high spirits for what’s to come. I’m an illustrator, brainstormer and card-maker who pays close attention to detail—both in my design work, and the needs of my peers. I’m excited to kick-start new projects to get people even more stoked about the awesome work we do. I plan to represent the SDA by welcoming students, new and old, into the incredible design community we have. Our program can feel near-impossible at times, and I believe that school is infinitely more special when it can be shared with people who are equally as excited/confused/ passionate/exhausted as you are.

If we haven’t met, come say hi!


Philip La 


Hello, my name is Philip and I'll be your new 400-ID representative! You'll probably see me around the ID building constantly, whether it be me running around with food and candy, or just stressing out about the next assignment. Don't be shy, and say hi! As representative, I hope to make new friends as well as be able to help out whenever I can!


Michelle Cortines 


I am a second year student taking VCD and ID. I am was motivated to be the 300 VCD Rep because I love to volunteer with organizations / associations that create an impact within their communities. I believe that SDA does that, for the design students and other faulty students at UofA. I am excited to participate in interesting projects that SDA runs like the Alumni Spotlight and Design Talks.

Fun facts about me: - I am currently trying to learn how to stand and walk on my hands. If ya got any tips, am all ears. - I have a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology for SAIT – Yes, I’m from Calgary.


Isabelle Lussier


Hello everyone! I am super excited to be your vice director this year and have so much in store for you all. I am passionate about architecture, furniture design, dogs, bad dad jokes and chocolate chip cookies. This year my goals for the SDA are to have a greater presence on campus and in the surrounding Edmonton community. If you ever have questions about the SDA or would love to get involved feel free to contact me! I hope y’all are ready for the best year yet!


Ivy Kieser


Hi, I’m Ivy! I’m passionate about Sweet Chili Heat Doritos, warm scarves and large dogs. I’m also so excited to be this year’s External Liaison for the SDA, making connections and telling bad jokes to other designers in the greater Edmonton area. I’m currently a 400-level industrial design student, and I’m hoping to bring a healthy balance of both VCD and ID focussed professionals in the industry to help/advise all of our confused, design-kid brains as we move forward in our studies and careers. I look forward to chatting with everyone, and I’m always open for suggestions if you have a local designer in mind that you’d like to hear from!


Shannon Glassford


Hello! My name is Shannon, and I am here to do website things (like this right here, I am literally editing the website right now). I am in my fourth year of VCD currently. I am very excited to be involved in the SDA again this year and I look forward to relaying info to you all through the web. If you have made it to these bios I encourage you to continue to explore the website and discover what we have to offer here and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!


Angus Bryan


Hi, my name is Angus Bryan and I’ll be the 400 level VCD rep for this year. Although I’m also taking industrial design classes, I value graphic design as an essential skill for any designer’s toolbelt. I’m excited to be part of the SDA team to help inform my classmates and make more opportunities to involve younger art & design students.


Manik Sharma


Hey everyone! My name is Manik and I will be one of the project managers for 2019-20. I'm entering my third year as an Industrial Design student in the engineering route, and am excited to be part of the SDA this year. I joined the SDA because I wanted to be involved in organizing events and opportunities that are of value to design students, and am looking forward to making our annual "Built" pop-up shop a success this year (stay tuned for that). In my spare time, I like to sketch cars, go on hikes, and really work on improving my design game. I look forward to seeing you around!


Katie Komarnicki


Hey, I’m Katie! I’m an Industrial Design student in my third year of the U of A’s Bachelor of Design program. You will often see me with a pencil in hand, doodling (especially during long lectures.) I love to make people laugh and I never take life too seriously! I’m super excited to be the Communications Officer for the SDA during the 2019/2020 year! Over this period I’ll be running the SDA’s Instagram (@hellosda), Twitter (@theSDA), Facebook page, and creating the monthly SDA newsletter! Social media is a fantastic way to connect with others and broaden your social circle. I want to use my position to deliver information about the SDA and the design community, while incorporating my sense of humor into it here and there. Among these things, I’ll also be receiving and responding to any email inquiries you may have. Feel free to email me any suggestions about what you would like to see featured on these pages! I adore the BDes program and I hope to show others just how amazing it is. I look forward to connecting with you all in the coming year!


Sara Richards 


I'm Sara and I'm mainly interesting the interactions between sociology and furniture design. I joined the SDA to get more involved in the design community here at the U of A and the greater Edmonton area! I'm super excited to be your copywriter for this year!


Mikaela Rene Yeo


Hello Hello! My name is Mikaela but you can call me Mika. It is my second year in the BDes program in the Social Science route and I am interested in pursuing product design. It is mostly because of my experience growing up in a developing country and I noticed how most of the population couldn't afford nice and practical things. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to buy products that are affordable and durable; I am excited to improve my skills in researching affordable materials and efficient processes to create solutions for cheap and practical products. And with that, I am very thrilled to be a part of the SDA team. I know being part of this year's crew will help me in ways that I can't imagine because of how amazing and passionate everyone is. As the Membership Coordinator, I will try my best to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable in communicating with us and the design community in general. We will always be available to help if you feel confused or lost. I can't wait to meet and have an amazing year with everyone!


Christopher Li Sheung Ying


Hello, I’m Chris Robin, and I am heading into the third year of the Industrial Design program in the Computing Science Route. I am interested in additive manufacturing and how it will shape the way we design in the future. I’ll be participating as one of the new project managers for this year. I think it’s a great opportunity to explore what goes into organizing events like Built as well as any other projects we choose to come up with this year. Not only that but it’s a great chance to network and work with new people. There is a great team in the SDA and I look forward to doing whatever I can to make this year a productive/successful one for us.