Oh, Hello!

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who are we?

The Student Design Association represents current undergraduate students and alumni of the University of Alberta, who have taken design courses during their degree. We actively work to stimulate community involvement, create partnerships with other organizations, and host events for students and staff, with the goal of providing the support and opportunities necessary to help design students find success.


Melissa Bui


Hiya! This is my last year of Industrial Design and I dabble a bit in Visual Communications as well. My area of interests aligns with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically #10, Reduced Inequality. I believe all pups should be given love and snuggles! I will also be happy to give out love and snuggles so don’t be afraid to say hi! If it makes you feel any better, I have the same personality type as Jerry Seinfeld (ENFP).

MY FAVOURITE… art movement is surrealism (because it’s sur real).


Jamie Tameta


Ayy it's yo gurl, Jame$ — a fourth year Visual Communication Design student. I'm currently a fan of type distortion and prefer to keep my work simple and straightforward. Outside of my discipline, I love to spend my time making clothes, studying philosophy and coffee culture/technique.

When I am doing none of the above, I sell my soul to the Dank Memes Melt Steel Beams Facebook page.

MY FAVOURITE…designer as of now is Jeremy Dean, he's the dude who made John Mayer's new merch and album logo!


Trina Bloemen


Hi pals! I’m Trina— a 400 level ID student, amateur ideamaker, occasional sweaty mess, and perpetual pile of questions. I like to think up objects into characters and make useless words out of anagrams to ideate for projects. I would like to pursue service design (maybe? does anyone truly know this??) and learn more about 3D CGI graphics/animation, textiles, and sustainability. I love indoor bouldering; come join me sometime for a lil wall scramble!

MY FAVOURITE… 3D animator/character designer is Jun seo Hahm, @junkomix. Check em out on instagram.


Andrés Palomino


HEYO! I am your fellow 400 level ID dweller. I don’t believe in being only ID or only VCD, or BFA, or whatever! I like to see everyone sharing their talents and knowledge; creating COOL THINGS and having FUN!!!! On more of a personal note: I love slow mornings, finding new music, and all sorts of outdoor activities! I also do a lot of weird things like flossing before brushing or peeling grapes with my teeth; really living on the edge.

MY FAVOURITE… my favourite brush pen is the fine Pigma FB

(super into B R U S H  P E N S :)


Jenna Jaikaran


Hi! I’m Jenna and I’m in my second year of VCD. I love designing anything with an illustration aspect, especially if it involves plants. I also like ice cream, bike riding, and climbing trees. Say hi if you see me, which should be easy since I’m taller than everyone.

MY FAVOURITE… art book is Designing Design by Kenya Hara. Super great read if you are into minimalism and/or just really well made things.


Rachelle Lenihan


Hey, I’m in my last year of the Design program, namely the VCD Business/Marketing route. You can usually find me in the VCD common area in my spare time, working on projects and chatting with peers, or on the dance floor at our monthly mixers. One way to spot me is by my patterned socks, typically donned with fruit or sassy catchphrases.

MY FAVOURITE… thing to do in my spare time is make freaky patterns in Illustrator


Persia Duncan


Hello! I am in my fifth and final year of the Industrial Design program here at the U of A. I love objects and color, and I am always inspired by the cool projects happening around Edmonton. I also love petting dogs and riding my bike!

MY FAVOURITE… My favourite thing to do is to experiment with materials in the studio and get my hands dirty.


Chelsea Finn


Oh Hey! I’m in my final year of Visual Communication Design here at the good old U of Eh! I’m the web co-ordinator for the SDA this year. I’m super stoked to be part of this team! I can’t wait to see what this year holds! There isn’t much that makes me happier than being outside, except maybe really good branding, or a terrible pun. My biggest regret is that one summer, I ate too many avocados and now I’m allergic. Winter, recycling, and burritos are the three things that are most important to me. Still trying to figure out how to bring all of those together in some way, so maybe that’s coming up this year! Stay tuned!

MY FAVOURITE… colour is a tealy blue, or bright orange,  and right now, I am really into Avenir.


Naomi Brierley


Hello! I am going into my third year of Visual Communication Design and hold a diploma from the Edmonton Digital Arts College. I’m all about engaging younger students and others in order to grow our design community and create more opportunities for collaboration, friendship, and fun. Outside of school hours, I’ve spent the last three years working as a designer for a startup called Localize, as well as a smorgasbord of freelance projects. 

MY FAVOURITE… InDesign keyboard shortcut is ⇧⌥⌘C.


Sara Boulos


Hi! I am going into my fourth year of Industrial design. I really love organization and planning, so hopefully I can put those skills to the test as being this years ID grad chair! While I enjoy physically creating and working with my hands, I hope to use my design abilities to help others in any way, shape, or form.  

MY FAVOURITE… Material to work with currently is cement because it is squishy when you stick your hand in it (before it dries of course. And with gloves on. Safety first kids)


Jared Sykes


I’m thoroughly enjoying my 8th year of study, half-way through an industrial design degree –I was a marine invertebrate biologist in a past life. Slowly becoming a designer, I’ve realized what Edmonton has to offer –a space ripe for growing a rich design community. I make it my business to keep my ear to the ground for all the cool things that are happening around town and sometimes being a part of making them happen. I also have a small brand on the side, Stable State.

MY FAVOURITE… is having challenging philosophical discussions, so I love getting to the root of tough design questions with a diverse group of designers


Rebecca Stasiuk


Hey Everybody! (Dr. Nick reference for The Simpsons Lovers). I am in my fourth year of the Industrial Design Program and I love to share all the beautiful aspects about it with the world. In my spare time (when I procrastinate) I love to listening to many genres of music, setting my Sims on fire (which happens naturally) and catching up on all things cartoon. You can catch your girl slapping up new events, photos, all things design on the SDA’s social media so pleaaase, never be afraid to get in contact with me, as I always enjoy good conversation.

MY FAVOURITE… wood would have to be Walnut. I am one with the dark side.


Abygail Berg


Hi my name is Abygail, I’m going into my last(ish) year of Industrial Design, and I’m your new Copywriter! I’m ironically pretty bad at spelling but I like to write and everything has spellcheck nowadays, so we’ll get through this I promise. A fun fact about me is that I grew up in a really small town in the mountains (Golden) where I’m pretty sure the only local designer was this guy who lived like 45 minutes out of town and did graphic design part time when he wasn’t running his family’s buffalo ranch.

MY FAVOURITE… Camera I own is my Yashica EZ View, because it’s just dumb enough to be good.


Oswaldo Ponce


Hi, I’m Ozzy! I am currently in my second year at the University of Alberta, studying Industrial Design with a route in Engineering. I am enthused to be working with such a talented group of individuals that share similar values and goals, but I’m mostly excited to challenge myself by fully committing to the design community and developing the skills necessary for a successful career.

MY FAVOURITE… computer programs are CorelDraw, Corel Designer, and Photoshop. However, after a year on a tight budget, I learned to never underestimate the power of Gimp and Microsoft Word.


Amelia Nash


Why hello there! I am in my final year at the University of Alberta BDES program, studying Visual Communication Design with a focus on business/marketing. I love photography, travelling, all things design (duh!), and FOOD! I’m looking forward to being the VCD Grad Chair this year to help my fellow DES students on their path to graduation as well as having the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people! This year will be an unforgettable one!

MY FAVOURITE… My favourite items to design are systems; i.e. business branding, transit maps, urban developments.