Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have unanswered questions about the SDA? Are there some things you are unsure about? Have you ever wondered how the SDA can benefit you? If so, take a look at this page where we hope to answer some general questions that may cross people's mind about the SDA.

What does Being a member of the SDA entail?

If you take any design classes at the University of Alberta, then you are a member of the SDA. The student design association is set up to help benefit the students and acts as a representatives of the students within the design community.

We ask nothing of you to be a member. Just meet new people and enjoy yourself!


How does being involved in the SDA benefit me?

Being involved with the SDA can benefit you in many ways. Need volunteer hours to help boost up your resume? We got it! Want the opportunity to make a name for yourself in the design community and sell your work? We have, Built, a temporary pop up shop that will do just that! Want to meet more design students in different years? Come to our mixers and we can help arrange that!

We are continuously doing our best to offer you with more opportunities to integrate yourself within the design student body at school and the greater community.


How can I get involved in the SDA?

Getting involved with the SDA is easy! Do you want to receive regular updates on the SDA? Give us your UAlberta email address. With this email address we can also verify your volunteer hours. If we need volunteers we will make a call through our email, and all you have to do is respond and show up for your shift.

Participating in the events we put on like the annual BBQ, mixers, on design talks, and Built, the temporary design shop, is all up to you!

If you want to be a part of the SDA stay tuned in March each year for the announcement of when the nominations for the new incoming officers for the next year will be. At this time the positions you can run for will also be posted with descriptions of what they entail.


How is the SDA involved in the community?

With the position of the External Liaison, the SDA strives to make connections with people already in the profession and within the community. We like to bring in speakers when possible for the students to listen to their advice on how they made their way into the community.

Our largest project that puts us as an active member within the Edmonton Design community is Built, our temporary design shop, that takes place. This allows the students to display their work, sell their work, and meet new people.