Industrial Designer

Client, Employer, or Organization: ONETWOSIX Design Inc.

Name of Contact: Nick Kazakoff


Phone Number: 780 965 1049


Job Title: Industrial Designer

Job or Opportunity Description: Industrial Designer
ONETWOSIX Design Inc. – Edmonton, AB

ONETWOSIX is a team of industrial designers and builders with an unwavering ambition to design products without functional or aesthetic compromise. We work clients who fundamentally believe in the value of great design as much as we do. Our approach is human centered and through our experiences we have learned that hands on prototyping is key to creating a great product. 

We are currently seeking a highly motivated, positive, and passionate individual to join the fabrication side of our team. This individual must be able to use the mindset of an industrial designer to creatively solve problems, think on their toes, and fabricate high quality prototypes and finished products. The candidate must have ample shop experience and be able to work both independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment. This role will involve a variety of tasks including input into design concepts, 3D CAD modelling, creating drawings for fabrication, optimizing designs for fabrication, fabricating prototypes in a variety of materials using a variety of methods, building finished products, and operating CNC machines. A successful candidate must be able to learn quickly, and apply critical thinking to improve processes. Prior experience operating CNC machinery and welding is a plus. The candidate must be comfortable alternating between computer based industrial design work and fabrication work, however the primary focus will be on assisting in fabrication. 

Essential Responsibilities:
• Fabricating prototypes and finished products
• Creating drawings for fabrication
• 3D CAD modelling
• Developing design concepts through research and sketching

Desired Education / Skills:
• BDes in Industrial Design
• Excellent woodworking skills using hardwood, veneer, laminate, etc. 
• Proficient in Rhino 3D
• Welding and metalworking experience is a plus
• Experience operating CNC machines is a plus
• Experience in Adobe Creative Suite is a plus
• Experience in Autodesk Fusion 360 is a plus
• Excellent attention to detail and focus on quality
• Must be able to juggle multiple projects at once
• Must have an unwavering passion for industrial design, belief in pushing boundaries, and a build anything attitude.

Required Experience: 
• 2+ years of experience in fabrication with a focus in product development. 
• Experience working in a design related industry is a plus.

Job Type: Full Time, hourly
Benefits: Competitive health benefits
Job Location: Edmonton, AB
Compensation: Based on amount of experience

Estimated Compensation:

Notes: Full time paid position, hourly wage based on experience

Application Deadline: 6/23/2017

Logo/Web Landing Page Design

Organization: eHUB UAlberta

Name of Contact: Brittney Roy


Phone Number: 7809142083


Job Title: Logo/Web Landing Page Design

Job or Opportunity Description: eHUB is an entrepreneurship centre on campus. On average we have 20 students per semester working on a new venture/company. Each one of these students needs a design identity!

We are looking for a student/alumni (within one year of graduation) who are interested in designing a logo, web landing page design and other promotional materials for new student companies.

You will be working directly with entrepreneurial students. Each students needs will vary.

We recommend this for a jr. level designer who is looking to build their client relationship skills and build their portfolio but any level of experience is welcome to apply.
We currently have a designer who is working with students. We are looking for two or more designers who are interested in staying on our roster of talent.
We are making updates to our website and will be putting student designers on our website and link to your website/portfolio/social media pages.

This is a great opportunity to meet new people from different facilities. In the past we have had teams form at eHUB through relationship building and connecting at events.

The way it works:
You will essentially be "on call" for when students need design support. Lately they have been streaming in 2-5 new companies per week. 
Project scopes vary.

Please send us a link to your portfolio and a short description on your level of experience and project scope specialization.

The cost can fluctuate but we have set our costs at:
$100/landing page design (no coding necessary)
Additional work will default to: $20/hour

If you are a photographer, writer, design prototypes we would love to hear from you!

Estimated Compensation: $200

Application Deadline: 5/7/2017

Stage Designer

Client: Office of Alumni Relations, University of Alberta

Name of Contact: Jodi Richter


Phone Number: (780) 492-4523


Job Title: Stage Design: Alumni Awards

Job or Opportunity Description: The Alumni Awards ceremony is the university's largest annual public event. tarted in 1994, the ceremony is now attended by over 900 alumni and members of the community. This year, the ceremony will be held at the Jubilee Auditorium on September 25. 

In years past, u stage design for the Alumni Awards ceremony has been quite traditional: flowers, flags, podiums, the recipients seated on stage with green/gold vertical lightnin. Since the Alumni Awards celebrate our most outstanding alumni, we would like to use a U of A student(s) or alumni to design/build the stage design for our award ceremony. 

- We would prefer to rent set pieces or use pieces from the Jubilee as we don't have a space to store a custom-made piece until the ceremony next year
- Themes: Formal but fun, U of A green and gold, celebratory, stage focus is on recipients being presented with their award by President Turpin, with a select number (4) of recipients making speeches at a podium.

Estimated Compensation: $2000

Note: Compensation dependent on the complexity of the project and materials used by the designer

Application Deadline: 5/11/2017

Graphic Designer

Organization: Alpine Club of Canada

Name of Contact: Craig Hartmetz


Job Title: Graphic Designer

Job or Opportunity Description: The Alpine Club of Canada is looking for a graphic designer to design some promotional materials for them. Currently, they are looking to purchase a stand up banner. If you're interested in doing a short project, please contact Craig for more details.

Estimated Compensation: Volunteer position

Call for Submissions

Organization: eHUB UAlberta

Name of Contact: Brittney Roy


Phone Number: 7809142083


Job Title: 'Community': A Call for Ideas & Artwork

Job or Opportunity Description: Call for Submissions – Student Competition: Cross Faculty
University of Alberta Undergraduate Submission
Location: eHUB 9007 HUB Mall

eHUB is a cross faculty co-working space at the University of Alberta. This space is open to student teams looking to develop an idea or a venture. We provide and seek out resources that provide support to student teams on their entrepreneurial journeys. Community plays a large role in an entrepreneur’s development and is an integral part of the eHUB program.

As a part of the eHUB Creative initiative we are looking for a variety of project proposals for activities that aim to strengthen community with a collaborative component. Students from Science, Business, Engineering, Arts are highly encouraged to apply. We may suggest collaborations within other faculties to strengthen the activity. Student awards available (Amounts TBD).

Here is a sample of activities that take place at eHUB:
• cooperative development of consumer products
• brainstorm ideas for non-profit/for-profit services
• translating research into technical/scientific/medical applications
• multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to research creation
• establishment of ethical social enterprises

The final presentation of the project must be put into consideration. We encourage students to reach out to eHUB’s Curatorial Assistant to assist in providing support for the final display.


Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
We challenge you to create an activity or apply a current project to the idea of community. 
Consider: how you see your activity strengthening or building community on campus or off?

By working collaboratively student teams learn to assimilate and value different perspectives as well as their own. These collaborations foster creative collisions and design thinking and prepare students after graduation.
Application Requirements:
• 2-5 images of the project (no larger than 3 MB. images labelled: LastName_Title_dimensions.jpeg) and/or 250 word project description
• photography/artwork/performance/installation works are encouraged to have a business or technical application or component (contact to clarify any details)
• all work must be ready to install in the eHUB Creative co-working space no later than April 12. (Paintings must be wired and prints/works on paper must be framed. Various frame sizes available for works on paper)


Deadline to submit: Monday, April 10, 2017 at noon

Individuals will be notified if their project has been selected, by April 11th. Projects that require a unique installation or specific layout we ask that the student be present during the installation. All work must be ready to hang and dropped off by the evening of April 12th. Opening will be Friday, April 14th. 
Students have the opportunity to price their works. No commission is taken.

Please send all submissions to eHUB’s Curatorial Assistant, Lindsay Kirker: 
subject line: Dungeons and Dragons

Estimated Compensation: $50

Application Deadline: 4/10/2017

Graphic Designer

Client: Bob Aloisio

Name of Contact: Bob Aloisio


Phone Number: 780-782-1813

Job Title: Looking for Grapic Designer

Job or Opportunity Description: We are in search of a Graphic Designer who can help turn our artwork in to a high resolution logo. There will possibly be more work after the company logo has been designed including business card design and other marketing material, however we would like to start with the Logo. 

Please contact me if you are interested.

Estimated Compensation: $65.00

Application Deadline: 4/15/2017

Communications Design Intern

Employer: Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture

Name of Contact: Samantha Power



Job Title: Communications Design Intern

Job or Opportunity Description: Latitude 53 is Alberta’s leading contemporary art centre with a mandate of supporting and promoting innovative artists through accessible programming and opportunities for engagement. As a non-profit artist run centre, Latitude 53 depends on donors, volunteers, and our members in order to create a community of invested and informed supporters of the arts in Edmonton.

The Communications Designer will create, produce, and implement a design and marketing campaign with a goal of increasing our membership, providing information to current visitors, and creating content for gallery promotions. The Intern will have access to Latitude 53's resources including MailChimp, our database, our email listings, and social media followers in order to explore Latitude 53's current audience and inform suggestions for new promotional directions. The project will begin May 1 and be concluded by June 30. This project is designed to be a solid learning experience and a contained project with measurable results and goals for a student with passion in designing for marketing and communications purposes.The selected candidate must have proficiency in the Adobe Suite and be comfortable working within tight deadlines. Meetings with Latitude 53 staff will produce feedback for the Design Intern to respond to. This project is designed to serve as professional experience designing for a client for a student with experience and passion for visual communication design.

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Graphic Design
  • Design

Some specialized skills required:

  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite or equivalent program.

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Create printed material to express current programming and opportunities, solicit donations and volunteer engagement, and increase Latitude 53's membership base.

Membership Marketing Intern

Employer: Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture

Name of Contact: Megan Gnanasihamany



Job Title: Membership Marketing Intern

Job or Opportunity Description: Latitude 53 is Alberta’s leading contemporary art centre for over 40 years with a mandate of supporting and promoting innovative artists through accessible programming and opportunities for engagement. As a non-profit artist run centre, Latitude 53 depends on donors, volunteers, and well as our members who, for an annual fee, receive exclusive information about gallery exhibitions and events in order to create a community of invested and informed supporters of the arts in Edmonton.

The Marketing Intern will create, formulate, and implement a marketing and communications plan with a goal of increasing our membership by 100 members by 31 December 2016. They will target individuals whose memberships have lapsed, current members whose memberships will be expiring this year, and new communities of potential members of the Intern’s choosing. The Intern will make use of the tools Latitude 53 currently uses including MailChimp, our database, our email listings, and social media followers while also exploring other creative channels of communication. The project will begin October 3 and be concluded by December 20. This project is designed to be a solid learning experience and a contained project with measurable results and goals for a student with passions in marketing, communications and sales.

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Arts Administration/Management
  • Marketing
  • Communications

Some specialized skills required:

  • Knowledge of adobe design suite preferred
  • Experience in designing and implement advertising and communications campaigns

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Increase Latitude 53's membership community by 100 members through the creation of targeted marketing campaigns.

3D Building Rendering

Client, Employer, or Organization: MBA Real Estate Class

Name of Contact: Mazen Elmolla


Job Title: Building Renderings - NAIOP Competition

Job or Opportunity Description: Making renderings to our designed building and help UofA students win the competition against Calgary. Floor plans are ready as sketchup files.
The renderings should be ready by March 15, quality can be flexible. 
The NAIOP Battle of Alberta is a joint challenge program presented by the Calgary and Edmonton chapters of NAIOP. Students from the University of Alberta and University of Calgary School’s of Business compete annually while showcasing their talents and creativity through unique development proposals.

The competition is part of NAIOP’s commitment to engaging and supporting students interested in the commercial real estate industry. For more information please see:

Application Deadline: 9/7/2017

Mark't Vendor

Client, Employer, or Organization: Interstellar Rodeo Music Festival

Name of Contact: Anne Thomas


Phone Number: 780 604 3010


Job Title: Mark't Vendor

Job or Opportunity Description: Produced by Six Shooter Records, Interstellar Rodeo has emerged as one of Edmonton’s premier music festivals. Interstellar Rodeo is committed to a curated experience, pairing daring and dauntless musical talent with superlatively crafted wines. The festival, running from July 21-23, 2017, is a weekend that is dubbed as awesome musically and superlatively civilized for the festival goer. The sixth Interstellar Rodeo is again at the Heritage Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park, Edmonton where Six Shooter’s curatorial voice will give a shout-out to other forms of art, craft and design, with an expanded market set just outside the musical merrymaking in the Mix ‘n’ Mingle area. Embracing artists, crafters, designers, makers and purveyors of esoteric experiences, 2017’s Rodeo Mark’t Place offers an excellent venue to bring your unique wares and distinctive designs to 3500 people who attend the festival each day.
Six Shooter is focusing on local or regional artistic visionaries, makers and crafters to showcase their brilliance at Mark’t, Interstellar Rodeo’s commercial gallery of art and design that compliments the musical line-up for a superlative guest experience.

Application Deadline: 5/15/2017

Open Call for Illustrators

Organization: Faction Apps

Name of Contact: Sherry Lawson


Phone Number: 780-232-4978


Job Title: Colouring book artist

Job or Opportunity Description: Colorist is a new coloring App for Windows and we are looking for artists to create ten page coloring books for sale within the App. Compensation would be from the proceeds of each book sold. We are very interested in artist promotion and will include weblinks for any art website you may have with the description of your book in the Windows App Store. There are no constraints on the type of art as long as it is suitable for all ages and can be coloured. We license the art for sale within the App so all ownership remains with the artist.